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F#cking Professor Rengoku - Rengoku Kyojuro x Reader +18 HungarianShinobi. Chapter 20: Chapter 19 Chapter Text. Sanemi's POV: Because of that idiot Uzui, my sister almost got to know about my proffession. He could have fucking called me or send a message or anything, but he fucking had to pop up in my house without talking to me beforehand.rise n shine baby-----Get the 🔥🔥🔥🔥 here and Commission Infohttps://www.anigomi.c...

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SPOILER WARNING!! for those who haven't read the manga and those who haven't seen the movies A/n: Lemme just drop this here before I disappear from the face of the world :P =====giyuu demonslayer kny shinobu sanemi tanjiro kimetsunoyaiba inosuke nezuko zenitsu mitsuri rengoku obanai muichiro tomioka hashira muzan sanegiyuu giyuutomioka gyomei. 1.2K Stories. ... 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐂𝐀𝐍 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐘. ( tomioka giyuu x fem!reader ) kimetsu no yaiba belongs to... knyxreader; demonslayerxreader; fluff +16 more ...Mobile credit card readers are popping up just about everywhere. In this article by, learn how mobile credit card readers work. Advertisement If you've always dre...Until Kyojuro can't take it anymore. And with a kiss to your forehead and a promise to come back soon, Kyojuro Rengoku leaves under the guise of something coming up with Senjuro when he was actually waiting for your admirer. Hiding, concealed in the darkness of a starless and cloudy night offered many opportunities.

Please be my wife!" Rengoku exclaimed happily while blushing. "Hell yeah!!!" (Y/N) exclaimed as they both hugged each other. (Y/N) married each other in the garden of Kagaya's estate, and everyone was invited, including the swordsmiths and kakushi. It was bright and happy, just like (Y/N) and Rengoku. Kagaya and Amane were very happy to …by AquaticSunshine. Please Stay: Giyuu x Reader x Rengoku (Part III) ---. Two hands were reaching out in front of you. Honestly you were just confused. Which hand should you take and if it does even matter. "Ah, thanks for the help. But I can stand on my own." When you managed to look up, you saw both men staring at each other.Rengoku x tanjiro by thatoneshortbitch. 854 5 3. in taking a break form my Michael myers x male oc and its a smutshot. rengokuxtanjiro # 18. Tanjiro Kamado x Kyojuro Rengoku... by The_MultiShipper. 1.8K 22 9. Btw this is my first time writing a book so pls don't judge me. So this is a story about how Tanjiro and Rengoku met.Original Character Death (s) Once revered as a stalwart pillar of virtue, Bi no Tori's legacy was tarnished by accusations she fled, seeking solace in anonymity. Now, as darkness encroaches and demons gather, she resurfaces, determined to cleanse her name and restore honor to her obscured lineage. Rengoku Kyojuro x OC.Jun 23, 2021 · Rengoku Kyojuro X Female Reader After going on a mission together, Rengoku accidentally leaves a mark on your neck. The mark is a curse and you have one year to break it or you will die.

Akaza is determined, by obsession and delusion, to keep Kyojuro alive in hopes that they can resume their battle three months ago. Holed up in an abandoned house and slowly nursed back to health, Kyojuro is forced to look past his loathing for the demon in order to survive and return back home. Language: English.Aug 28, 2021 · First book >:)) this is just Rengoku headcanons not an acc story,,, I w be posting an acc story that’s Rengoku x reader too so hehehehehhehe look out for that! ~ Instagram; Rengoku.sfx Tumblr; doumasfathat Tiktok;mitsurikanwoji ….

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No one asked for this but sometimes you've just gotta do things for yourself. NSFW beneath the cut. See a recent post on Tumblr from @bwabys-scenarios about Rengoku x reader. Discover more posts about kyojuro rengoku x reader, kny fanfic, demon slayer fanfic, tomioka giyuu, kyojuro, kyojuro rengoku, and Rengoku x reader.Rengoku Kyojuro X Female Reader After going on a mission together, Rengoku accidentally leaves a mark on your neck. The mark is a curse and you have one year to break it or you will die.Rengoku Kyojuro had come to the real world! But sadly, you aren't all lovey dovey like what you had expected. Instead, you're filled with heartache and bitter tears as your knees hit the ground with your hand clenching on your shirt after facing the shitty reality. It wasn't what you had expected.

Your lips trembled as you spoke again after a moment, "I hate you.". It was barely above a whisper, but you know he still heard you. Sanemi blinked, surprised by your hostility. The silence was almost too much for you and just as you opened your mouth to say more, he beat you to it. "You're just grumpy…. I get it.".Study Guide | (Rengoku x Reader) cosmofrog. Summary: (y/n) is a high school graduate of 5 years and is now in college. She gets an invitation to a high school reunion one morning and finds herself in a sticky situation. ... You were lucky Mr. Rengoku could handle his alcohol, otherwise you would've been exposed to the elements completely ...

toyota new pickup 10k Chapter Text You sat down in the meeting room, waiting for others to come in. I just have to be early each time, don't I… You fix your blazer a bit and hear footsteps approaching the door. melly murdersmotor vehicle turnersville Rengoku x reader = his wife to be. This fanfic is mostly fluff and LOTS of Senjuro content <3 #angst #angstwithhappyending #demon #demonslayer #engagement #fluff #kyojurourengoku #majorcharacterdeath #marriage #rengoku.Starring: Rengoku Kyojuro x f!reader; Tomioka Giyuu x f!reader; Kanroji Mitsuri x f!reader; Kocho Shinobu x f!reader; Format: short imagines; Warnings: none. Basically fluff and cute reactions of the pillars being jealous and protective over you, their precious significant other; Plot: you are into a lovely relationship with your boyfriend ... o'reilly's kent washington After the events of Mugen Train, Kyojuro Rengoku barely escapes with his life. When he is sent on his first solo mission following the battle, he once again encounters Upper Moon Three. He's completely incapacitated and on the brink of death once again by Akazas attack and the bitter cold.kny modern au - characters: hashira. includes: gyomei, tengen, giyuu, sanemi, obanai, kanae, kyojuro, mitsuri, shinobu, muichiro. HUGE thanks and shout out to @giggly-squiggily and @trans-ace-lee for their contributions to this au and indulging my brainrots ♡. trailer registration californiasue aikinsdank dash menu Discover more posts about kyojuro rengoku x reader, giyu tomioka x reader, demon slayer, kny x reader, uzui x reader, demon slayer smut, and tengen uzui x reader. Explore. Change palette. Latest Top. nomercyanywhere. Follow. forced impregnation by tengen .KNY Yandere | Reader Tokitou Muichiro Akaza Douma Rengoku Kyoujurou Kaigaku Shinazugawa Sanemi ... Y/N L/N is a girl preyed on by poverty. One day, she sells herself as a slave for money but she is bought and saved by a mysterious young man. She is then brought to mysterious places she never thought she would see. dmv marquette Sad Ending. -Uzui x Fem!Reader. -In which Y/N, an orphan with a hauntingly sad past, finds purpose standing by Tengen Uzui's side as his devoted protege. Together, you work hard to train, painting your world with bright colors for the first time in your life. salvation army ocalajobs near me for felonsw and w auto sales rockingham nc bending your lover over the kitchen table as a love language. Intimate moments. Kyojuro's wife knows the perfect way to work off the extra adrenaline they are left with after a demon hunt. This is a modern AU with Demon Slayers. Y/N is a Hashira and married to Rengoku. AFAB terms used to describe reader's genitalia.May 19, 2024 · 鬼滅の刃 | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime), 鬼滅の刃 | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Manga) Love drives you to make irrational, foolish decisions. A fanfiction about a lonely hashira who falls in love with a man who is not who she thinks he is. Updates eventually lmao.